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Two-tu Class

A 30 minute class designed just for two year olds. This class serves as a jump start to creative movement, self discipline, and exercise for the youngest dancer. Basic muscular and mental developments are encouraged through dancing, singing, games, and more.


Tap is a rhythm based movement technique and an important part of the well-rounded dancer's training. Tap provides a strong sense of musicality, dynamics and performance quality. (K-12th Grade)

Combo Class

A 45 minute long class combining 25 minutes of ballet and 20 minutes of tap. This class will encourage each student to grow into tiny dancers. This class will introduce the basic ballet positions and tap steps while having lots of fun. (Ages 3 & 4)


Jazz combines the same strength and stretching of ballet with the non-traditional movements of modern. Jazz dance engages the entire body and is based around sharp movements, upbeat music, flexibility, and grace. Jazz helps develop dancers with strong rhythmic sense and style. (K-12th Grade)


Serves as a foundation for all types of motion, consists of a set of mandatory positions and steps. Students will learn the names, meanings, and precise technique of each movement they learn. Ballet encourages flexibility, coordination, elegance, and poise. (K-1st Grade)


Clogging is a good old down home form of dancing. Clogging emphasizes the down beat of the music by enthusiastic foot work. Clogging is fun, energetic and entertaining to all. (2nd-12th Grade)


A fusion of Ballet and Jazz techniques. Lyrical is graceful, emotional, and unpredictable. (Lyrical serves as a continuance for ballet training) (2nd-12th Grade)


Acrobatics involves intense stretching and exercise, as well as basic tumbling skills and floor gymnastics. Acrobatics engages the entire body and helps develop flexibility and grace. (Preschool-12th Grade)


Pointe is for the serious ballet dancer seeking more intense training. This class is by invitation only and each student must undergo an audition. (6th-12th Grade)


Hip Hop

Hip hop is becoming the latest craze in dancing due to the evolution of hip hop music and its popularity in the media. Hip hop is an exciting blend of contemporary funk movement and Jazz dance. (2nd -12th Grade)

Contemporary dance involves incorporating aspects of movement from several other genres such as jazz, modern and ballet. (6th-12th Grade)

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